About US

Ming Hui Industry Co. Ltd. was established in 1980. Since establishment, the business principle of trust and delivery along with sustainable operation has always been the core of our company. We are dedicated to the manufacturing of various types of electronic hardware products and mold design, and we are a manufacturing company continuously seeking improvements in order to satisfy various types of demands of our clients.

The main area of business of Ming Hui Industry Col. Ltd. includes aluminum extrusion manufacturing, pressing process, CNC, appearance treatment and other various types of hardware component processing procedures, that are applicable to metal hardware related industrial products including such items as LED products, solar component parts, panel hardware, communication component parts, computer-related peripherals, automobile hardware components and product design…and so on. Our company is proud of its abundant experience and mature technologies capable of satisfying all types of demands of the current market.

Ming Hui Industry Co. Ltd. is equipped with a wide range of research and development manufacturing equipment and production quality control team along with a complete cooperative subcontractor systems such that our company is able to supply a full manufacturing chain ranging from raw material, design, prototyping, mold development, manufacturing to quality inspection, packaging and transportation. With the management concept of sustainable operation, our company develops innovative technologies and enhances effective management in a professional manner in order to provide the best service to our clients, which also serves as the basis of the our company policy.

With our endeavor efforts in offering services at reasonable price, professional works with sincere trust and strict demand for strict quality, Ming Hui Industry Co. Ltd. seeks to assist our clients in achieving maximum product values such that the company continues to advance forward toward the goal of sustainable operation.