Quality Testing Equipment

Our company is equipped with quality assurance office, complete inspection equipment and professional QC flow in order to execute strict product management;therefore, quality guarantee is not only an important policy for our company but also a bridge for establishing a firm partnership with our clients. According, the goal of our business is to achieve client satisfaction. We also care greatly about all the details during manufacturing processes including all the steps from material purchase, production and manufacturing, inspection, assembly, package to shipment such that each step is strictly managed and controlled in order to ensure clients’ satisfaction.

  • Universal measurement microscopes
  • Coordinate measurement machines
  • Granite measurement platforms
  • Precision measurement height gauges
  • Measurement vertical collimators
  • Precision gauge blocks
  • Needle type height gauges
  • Gauge rods
  • Thickness gauges
  • Torsion bars
  • Precision hardness gauges
  • Precision screw gauges
  • Universal bevel protractors
  • Measurement gauges
  • Calipers